Disclaimer: Canvas Prints Reviews provides this site and its contents on an "as is" basis and makes no representations or warranties of any kind. All ratings on this site are our subjective opinions based on our own analysis. Companies change their canvas prints parameters from time to time, so information on this site may be outdated and inadequate. Please check all information from appropriate company.

Total Rating

The total rating of the company, taking into account all other parameters of the shop and clients’ feedback.

The total rating is also affected by the site usability. Time is money, so spending your time on grasping the site’s working logics means you are spending your money, thus increasing the total cost of the work. If it takes time to understand the way to download an image, check out the price for the print production or make an order without registration on the site, this leads to a decrease in its total rating.


The company name and a link to its site.

36 × 24 × 1.5" Price

The price for the print on the canvas with the general size of 24 × 36 inches and with the stretcher depth of 1.5 inch.

This is the most widely spread print sizes, so we use it as the basis for comparison. If the company offers custom sizes, we analyze price for 36" × 23" size and if it differs greatly, we estimate 36" × 24" price from 36" × 23" price, so we eliminate low cost offerings for preset (promo) sizes. We appreciate custom size offerings, so stretcher should adjust to image, not image to stretcher preset.

If there is no price for the given size on the company site, we have used an approximate estimation judging from the print closest in size. In such cases there is an “est.” mark – i.e. “estimated” – in the brackets.

If the company does not work with stretchers of 1.5” depth, another size taken for the calculation – for instance, 0.75” – will be specified in the brackets.

Min Size

Minimum print size (in inches) produced by the shop.

Max Size

Maximum size of a single print in inches. Please note that the size of a print of several blocks can be much larger than the one stated in this column. It specifies the maximum size of a separate block of the print, not the maximum size of the print as a final product.

Surface Types

The types of finished surface of the canvas and varnish used by the company.

For instance, the company uses gloss and matte canvas or one universal canvas and semi-gloss and matte varnish. The majority of companies do not give a choice, and use just one type of the canvas and varnish. In such cases this is specified as “One type”. As a rule, it is semi-gloss canvas or varnish.

If any bright light falls on the canvas print, a gloss surface can be affected by flares. This can be avoided by opting for matte varnish. At the same time a gloss surface makes colors sharper and brighter, so generally it is a better choice.


The method for protection of the canvas from adverse effect of ultraviolet light and dust.

The main method includes protective varnish or lamination. Some companies do not use any canvas protection in order to decrease the cost of printing, thus we would not recommend ordering a print on such sites because over the course of time the colors on the print will fade and the canvas will crack at the edges of the stretcher.

Custom Sizes

Ability of the company to produce a print of the necessary size, for example, 17 × 31 inch.

To simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the cost many companies offer only conventional sizes, for instance, 10" × 10", 24" × 36" and so on. However this can turn into a disadvantage for a customer if the size ratio is different, because the image will have to be cut down in its height or width.

Stretcher Depth

The depth of the stretchers the company works with.

Pro Upload Test

Here we test if the service is suitable for professional photographers.

We try to upload this 236 Mb TIFF file. Noone likes to register just to try out a service, so we tested only services where we could upload without any registrations.

Online Editor

Functional features of the online print editors.

The ability to interactively change the size of the print, divide it into several blocks, choose the size of the stretcher, review an example in the interior is taken into account here.

We do not consider an addition of various image correction filters to the configurator advantageous. As a rule they offer poorer functional features in comparison with specialized services and lead to unnecessary complication of the process. It will be better to use, for instance,,, Paint.NET or Gimp.

Many photo studios offer to download special programs for print configuration, install it on the computer, get into it and submit an order from it. All configurators of this type receive a minimum grade as they are not online services.

Multi Panel Editor

The same as above, but for multi panel canvas prints. It is very interesting type of product for any modern interior designer.